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AYZ Hotspot Internet Systems

General features

After checkout dates the satisfied customers and their comments will be find out for you from websites such as Tripadvisor, Holidaycheck etc.
5651 is designed in accordance with the law.
Anyone who connects to the Internet can increase the sales of your desired ad.
Automatic system can be thrown through mail to anyone who connects to the Internet, you can sell advertising.
You can get Survey performance on your system or out of the system automatically.
Anyone connected to the Internet can send you messages from their device. You can follow these messages and write your answers.
In 13 languages encoded.

Guest Portal System

General features

It allows the Guest Relation Department to work with other departments on a regular basis and make guest satisfaction the best possible.
You can follow A la carte reservations, you can give your guests a la carte vouchers with your logo printed.
You can track many features from a single page such as Guest requests, Airport Transfer, Late Checkout, Bed & Breakfast, Room Upgrade, Setup, Shuttle, Medical etc.
Thanks to the click-to-play feature, all staff can easily be used on smartphones or tablets. Moreover, it can be easily followed from outside the business.
Complaints from costumers can be transmitted easily to all departmental managers via Sms, E-mail etc. So Operation does not interfere.